Emergency/Crisis/Sexual Assault Help

  • If You Are Raped:

    • Get to a safe place.
    • Call 911, the police, or the Crisis Line for your area.
    • Get medical attention immediately at a hospital emergency room or the Rape Crisis Center.
    • Do not destroy the evidence by bathing, douching, changing clothes, or rearranging the scene of the rape.

    24-Hour Hotline for Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Wolfe, Perry, Owsley, Letcher counties: 1-800-375-RAPE (7273)

    Domestic Violence:

    Forms of domestic violence include:

    • physical abuse
    • mental/emotional abuse
    • sexual abuse

    Some examples are:

    • name calling
    • putdowns
    • isolation
    • withholding of money or food
    • stopping or keeping a partner from working if they so desire
    • actual or threatened physical harm
    • sexual assault
    • stalking
    • intimidation

    If you or your children are a victim of domestic violence, call the 24 Hour Crisis Line 1-800-649-6605 or 606-886-6025.

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