Menstruation (Our Monthly Period)

  • Most healthy women will have a monthly period (menses).  Having a montly period of bleeding is normal, healthy, and one of the last things to occur during puberty.  Women/Girls can begin puberty as early as age 7 or as late as age 15.  Having your first period anytime within or around this age range is considered normal.  After puberty is complete, having a period every month is considered most healthy.  Generally, bleeding will occur every 28 days.  Occasionally, menses will come in less than or more than a month from the first day of your last period.  However, having a period too often, or going too long without having a period (when pregnancy is not the cause) can be the result of or the cause of health complications, and you should see your healthcare provider.

    Your menses is the uterus shedding the endometrial lining where a fertilized egg would implant if a pregnancy had occurred.  This is an important process for your overall reproductive health.  The changes you experience throughout the month are all part of your menstrual cycle, not just the days you experience your menses.  You can learn what these changes in your body mean in order to know when you are most likely to become pregnant, and when you are less likely.

    Why is having a regular period so important?  It lets you know that your body is healthy and functioning properly.  Discover more about your monthly period by visiting Crankytown.  Explore all the tabs at the top of the page once you go to the Crankytown website to learn about the basics, PMS, and all the options you have for period protection.

    Our montly period is a time where it is important to listen and honor our body.  We may feel more tired, crampy, or moody than usual.  Unless these feelings greatly interrupt our life, they can be considered normal.  Hormonal fluctuations are the cause of these feelings.  Remember to be gentle with yourself as best as you can.  Don’t overdo it.  Use menstruation as a time to renew your energy, and you will find it is a beneficial time for you, rather than an inconvenience.

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