Pregnancy and Parenting

  • Community resources and counseling available for pregnancy and parenting.


    • HANDS – Program through the local health departments, which provides information on healthy pregnancy, baby, and toddler.  Providing support for developing a parent-child relationship.

    Letcher Co. – 606-633-2945   Knott Co. – 606-785-3144

    • WIC – Available through the local health departments. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for: Women, Infants, & Children.  WIC provides nutrition education and healthy foods to:
      • Women who are pregnant, who are breastfeeding their babies, or who have given birth in the last six months.
      • Infants to 12 months of age; and
      • Children age 1 to 5 years of age.

    Contact your local health department to see if you qualify.  For more information for those in the Kentucky River District see  Breastfeeding information, support and counseling is also available through WIC.


    • Planned Parenthood – See “All Options Counseling” for more information.


    • Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services – For more information on qualifying for Medicaid, food assistance, and other services call your local office.


    • Primary Care Providers offering services based on sliding scale fees – Several area maternity care providers offer services based on sliding scale fees.  Call the care provider of your choice to see if they offer this option.


    • Local Pediatric Care Providers – Check in with area pediatricians to see if they offer any parenting related classes or services.


    • Local Parenting and Prenatal Classes


    Parent Rite: Parent Education Program – Providing intensive community-based services to at-risk youth and their families through trainings and parenting support groups.

    Johnson Co. – 606-789-6615             Magoffin Co. – 606-349-2217

    Martin Co. – 606-298-3217                 Pike Co. – 606-432-2775

    Floyd Co. – 606-886-2929


    Birth True Childbirth Education – Lamaze childbirth preparation, early pregnancy classes, doula (labor support) services, and breastfeeding support provided by a Lamaze certified childbirth educator and trained birth doula.  Fees for classes and services are listed on the website.  Sliding scale fees are available. P:606-642-3495 or 606-233-6546


    For more information on Breastfeeding Support from the area Health Departments –

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